Okuaizu Kaneyama


This is a roadside station along Route 252, famous for its specialty Okuaizu Kanayama red pumpkin. Many people come from far and wide to buy it.
Surrounded by mountains, the Tadami River can be seen from the station, and the seasonal scenery can be enjoyed. Nearby is Lake Numazawa, a camping ground, and many hot spring facilities.


Address949-8 Kamidaira, Nakagawa, Kanayama-machi, Onuma-gun, Fukushima 968-0006
Phone Number0241-55-3334
Opening Hours9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Dining Kobushi-kan Restaurant

Opening Hours 11:00 a.m.-.3:00 p.m. ※Takeout until 4:00 p.m. (katsudon, curry only)
Menu Azaki Daikon Takato Soba ¥850
  Stew Katsudon ¥850


Places Around to Visit

Natural Carbonated Water Well

This well is one of the few places in Japan where naturally carbonated water comes out of the ground. The water is soft and slightly carbonated with a mild taste perfect for a variety of dishes.

Lake Numazawa Water Festival

Lake Numazawa is a crater lake from the Numazawa volcano. An auto-camping ground and a fairy museum are in the vicinity. There is also the legend of a giant snake, with the Lake Numazawa Water Festival held once a year.